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About the center of car keys | Smartkey

About the company

“Smartkey” company was founded in the 1980’s. At the dawn of the private business, it was one of the first private key manufacturing centers. At that time, the selection of door locks and, correspondingly, the keys to them consisted mainly of simple English or Finnish keys and the skeleton keys (or passkeys). In most cases, the cars product range was limited to the Soviet automotive industry. The market has developed, so has our key manufacturing center. We were among the first key manufacturing centers in Ukraine which in the mid-90s started using imported equipment in their work – key making machines and the keys themselves (key blanks) by famous European manufacturers such as:

  • Silca
  • CEA
  • Ilco
  • Orion
  • Errebi
  • JMA
  • etc.

With the advent of the first programming units for smart keys (car keys with a built-in chip) production in the mid-90’s, we organized the supply of equipment and smart keys in Ukraine. Since the late 90’s, our company has opened branches for the professional production of keys to cars, motorcycles, specialized machinery, boats, etc. It has long been known that specialization is always better than "diversity", i.e. attempts to cover “a little bit of everything”.

Nowadays our company has three specialized centers, ready to offer our customers quality service for any type of keys production. We can make keys to practically all locks existing on the Ukrainian market to apartments, offices, safes and padlocks. Over 5,000 kinds of key blanks can be found at the key manufacture. The manufacture is equipped with the latest models of key-making machines and has the staff with more than 15 years’ experience. We signed the contracts for key production and successfully cooperate with multiple commercial and public companies, educational institutions, banks and car dealerships.

Our auto electronics repair Center specializes not only in repair, but also performs speedometers (odometers) calibration, srs airbag repair, car and motorcycle immobilizers repair, provides services for car locks opening both in the Center and onsite. Center employees "revive" the dashboards (fascias), speedometers, airbags, car security systems, immobilizers, car locks and keys even after the unsuccessful repair by the official vehicle service stations specialists. The center has a closed area with 5 heated boxes and all the necessary equipment. Up to 10 cars can be serviced by the vehicle electronics repair Center simultaneously.

The first Ukrainian specialized CAR KEY MANUFACTURING CENTER "VIGOTOVLENNYA AVTOKLYUCHIV" is located in Kiev at Naberezhno-Luhova st., 11 and specializes in the vehicle key manufacturing only. Professional specialized car key manufacturing centers are still rare not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. The center is equipped with the latest models of machines from Silca company (Italy). We have programming units and licensed software for car keys programming, speedometers calibration and working with automotive electronics from leading European companies. Car locks repair, ignition locks repair, car keys repair and restoration and car locks conversion are performed efficiently and skillfully using original or licensed consumables. A lounge with free coffee and internet access is provided for the customers’ convenience.

Our specialists implement the experience gained in years of hard work. We have studied the locks design and functions, car control units connection patterns, built-in chips, modern car brands electronics software and operation principles. The experience of solving problems with modern car locks and keys has made us the experts in this field, which allows us to receive and fulfil orders from our partners based in many countries of the former USSR and Europe.