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Ignition Lock and Car Lock Maintenance in Kyiv

01If you are reading this section, you either need to replace locks in your car in Kyiv or your auto key is broken. It is a well-known fact that cars and motorcycles require regular service, such as replacement of oil and filters, scheduled maintenance of nodes and components, etc. But, let’s be honest, who of us has ever fixed ignition lock, door locks or trunk locks? In fact, a lock is a quite complex mechanism that features a lot of small elements and exacting units fit at fraction points.

The quality and functioning of the lock do not always depend on the car price, as lock failure may happen even in the most expensive vehicles, with supposedly reliable elements.Any lock gradually gets clogged with dust, wears out, and becomes nonoperating as a result of regular exploitation. The breakdown of the ignition lock or the car door lock usually starts gradually with choking of the key.

Without timely repairs, at some point, the key will not crank in the lock cylinder. Besides, there are instances when the key gets broken in the lock, or it does not even enter the lock. There are two possible ways out of the situation: either to buy new locks or fix the existing ones. It may be quite expensive to buy new locks, as you will have to replace the whole set of car locks, including:

  • Ignition lock;
  • Trunk lock;
  • Door locks;
  • Lock of the glovebox.

Therefore, it is economically more viable to repair the existing lock rather than to buy a new one.

The Process of Car Lock Maintenance in Kyiv

02Our specialist will check the lock, determine the cause of its failure, and select an appropriate solution. If the lock is repairable, the repair specialist will fully disassemble the lock, wash, clean, and replace its broken or worn parts. If necessary, we will cut a new key to replace the forworn one.

After the work is done, you will get a warranty card, where all the fixings, warranty period, and the date of filing will be mentioned. We will also give you simple recommendations that will help to extend the life of the car locks. Regularly open and close the car door locks and trunk lock with a physical key to make sure they are in good working order. You need to keep car locks maintained and functioning, even if you use alarm and other ways to remotely open and close the vehicle.

03Keep in mind that car locks may get oxidized and clogged with dirt. Do not grease locks with popular substances, such as WD-40, oil from the sewing machines, etc. WD-40 can be effectively used in the clogged lock only if you plan to fix the car locks in Kyiv in the nearest future. Otherwise, the dirt which you wash off the walls will only aggravate the current condition. The situation may get even worse in case you use sewing machine oil as fixed oil acts as a magnet, piling dirt and disabling the lock.

Special low-fat lubricants are used to lubricate car locks. The main advantages of such substances include decreased friction of elements in the car lock cylinder, as well as their water and dust repellent properties.