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Odometer Rollback in Kyiv. Odometer Tampering

It happens that car owners need to reduce the speedometer readings on their vehicles, or, in plain language, tamper odometer. If several years ago, an ordinary man could do it without any problems, maintaining modern odometers is a challenging task that requires specific equipment and trained specialists.

Nowadays, import vehicles feature sensitive electronics that records mileage and responds to any outside interference. That is why it is inevitable to perform this process at car service centers that have reliable and appropriate equipment, as well as professionals with necessary knowledge and expertise.

What Is an Odometer Rollback and Why May It Be Needed?

A great number of car owners have problems with high odometer indexes, which need to be adjusted. Smart Key is the company that uses only high-quality equipment to provide clients with the best odometer tampering services in Kyiv.


Who and why may need odometer tampering?

  1. Replacement of factory wheels by wheels with different dimension-type tires, installation of a new internal combustion engine, and a range of other car services may lead to distortion of speedometer-odometer readings. In both cases, it is necessary to reset the speedometer readings in order to restore the correct digit quantity of the odometer.
  2. Dashboard replacement may also be a reason for odometer tampering, especially when the speedometer readings are not set to zero on the setting panel. Such a problem may appear not just when you install a new operation dashboard, but it may also happen with an existing one. As a result, you may have certain difficulties selling the car, and not only.
  3. In some cases, the maintenance of the car computer results in failure of the electric instrument panel and zeroing of the speedometer readings. Odometer tampering is the only solution here.

The Process of Odometer Tampering

Smart Key uses only quality equipment to offer best services in Kyiv, adjusting the readings of your speedometer. With over 20 years of experience in the area, qualified specialists, and innovative technologies, we can provide exclusive odometer tampering services on both mechanical and electronic devices.

The technology of speedometer rollback for simple items has been universal for dozens of years. The mileage information is transmitted to the counter and never stored anywhere else. The digital speedometer reset can be done easily by the removal of the instrument panel and rearrangement of pinion gear with numbers. The process is rather simple and will not take much time.

The winding of the electronic speedometer, installed on import cars is a comparatively more complicated service. There are two possible ways to roll back the odometer: with the instrument panel removal (typical for up-to-date import vehicles) and without it.

Odometer Rollback with the Removal of Instrument Panel

Working with Korean and Japanese vehicles, speedometer tampering can be fulfilled only after the successful removal of the instrument panel and the disconnection of electronic units.

The disassembly of the panel (after its removal) is not required on Ford and Nissan cars. The reader and editing equipment are connected directly to the backside of the panel.


The data can be read and changed only after the instrument panel is removed. Special software for chip interpretation is used for the correction of odometer readings. The programming tool reads the current mileage and changes the necessary digital readouts. The service is completely safe for the car and cannot affect its functioning. The dashboard is installed back, once the adjustments are completed.

Odometer Tampering without the Removal of Instrument Panel

Some import vehicles feature a special diagnostic connector OBD2, that is used for connection with the corresponding equipment, enabling to fix errors and tamper the odometer.

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the automatic recording of the units, blocks, and equipment functioning on the onboard computer. The mileage of the car is usually registered on several units, including the speedometer chip, key and ignition lock, gearbox, and braking system. A modern vehicle can be equipped with more than 5 recording places.

Specific import cars have the function of automatic engine performance records registration. The professionals working for Smart Key have sufficient experience and expertise in the area of professional adjustment of this indicator, so they can maintain proper work of electronic units in the car after the odometer tampering.

In general, the adjustment of the electronic speedometer is quite a complicated procedure. Therefore, it is important to get it done by experienced and trustworthy car centers in Kyiv, such as Smart Key. Professional staff with a high level of expertise and specific knowledge are working in the company and are always ready to provide the best services.

How Much Does Odometer Tampering Cost?

Several factors may influence the final cost of the speedometer rollback in Kyiv. First of all, it is the make of the car and the year of its production. In this way, the specialists of the company get more information about the type of the processor installed in the onboard computer, as well as the number and the place of the duplicate points that require reflesh. All the points are tested on the reliable, dedicated equipment of foreign origin. Besides, the adjustments are made to each one of them to eliminate the risk of possible malfunctions in the onboard system operation.

Smart Key specialists guarantee high quality of the service aimed at the speedometer winding and odometer tampering. The works can be done at any vehicle, irrespective of the mileage measuring scale.


Another factor that influences the final cost of the service is its place. The price will be a bit higher if our specialist will have to come to your place and handle jobs outside the center.

Anyway, we offer the most competitive and affordable services in this segment in Kyiv, which are characterized by the best value for money.

Benefits of Smart Key

Odometer tampering is one of the tasks our specialists usually complete, so they have enough experience to accept the challenge and work with the most problematic systems and vehicles. Fast and quality mileage adjustment is available in Kyiv. Smart Key is the leading car service in the capital of Ukraine that specialized in odometer rollback.

  1. Our team has immense experience in the field.
  2. Only the newest import equipment is used to offer you high-quality services.
  3. The specialists of our team keep a track of foreign innovations in the industry, as up-to-date equipment is the key to successful and quality services.
  4. Our employees are reserved and polite, ready to meet the professional requirements and wishes of the customers.
  5. The mileage adjustment remains anonymous and imperceptible for car specialists and service stations that conduct a pre-sale vehicle diagnostics. The seals installed by the manufacturers are not affected, and the computer system does not detect any interference, so, you can retain manufacturer warranty.

Contact Smart Key to get high-quality services performed by experienced and skillful masters.