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Synchronization of the Engine Control Unit and the Immobilizer Unit, EWS-DDE Units

The problem of unit synchronization is exceptionally dangerous, as it is complicated to foresee. You can only identify the mal-synchronization of the units if you suddenly fail to start the car. However, people, who know the most common reasons for the problem, can still foresee it:

  1. The battery is low. If it is not properly and timely replaced, your attempt to start the car will sooner or later end up with blocking of the electronics and binding units going off.
  2. The so-called “chip customizing”. If you own an expensive car, even the slightest changes in the block settings can lead to synchronization issues.
  3. Failure or replacement of the units in the electronics system.
  4. Taking actions aimed at the change of the car electronics circuits: installation of car alarm systems, part assist systems, acoustic systems, specialty equipment, etc.

All the above-mentioned examples are common, so auto mechanics are well-aware of them and take them into account during the work. A dead battery is the most widespread and unpleasant problem here. It is difficult, as you will definitely not be at the service station when it occurs. Moreover, it may happen out of town, where you will not find anyone to help you. Attempts to run a starter on a flat battery, in its turn, may only aggravate the problem.

The risk category includes BMW, FORD, SSANGYONG, and HONDA cars. Such cases have been recorded to happen to TOYOTA automobiles, but they are comparatively rare. Several instances of the unit mal-synchronization were related to the attempt to jumpstart another vehicle.

All the BMW cars produced after 1994 are equipped with the EWS immobilizer. When normally functioning, it is an irreplaceable anti-theft deterrent. However, this part tends to get out of order easily, so car owners may face serious problems, such as the inability to get into their vehicles or hard times starting the engine.

Immobilizer Synchronization with Electronic Control Unit

What to do? You need to synch EWS-DDE units. We strongly recommend that you hire specialists to execute this piece of work, as an unprofessional approach can cause more damage than use. Contact our company to get qualified help and make sure your iron horse is as quick and functional as it used to be.

Typical Breakdowns

There are numerous types of immobilizer malfunction, but around 90% of them are caused by the following damages:

  1. Loss of EWS/CASE – DME/DDE synchronization (when the immobilizer is mal-synched with the engine control system);
  2. Mal-synchronization of the key with the EWS unit. How to define the problem? The car does not respond to the key or the starter cranks, but the engine does not start.

If you own a Bavarian E Series vehicle, the immobilizer in your automobile is built into the car access system (CAS). Therefore, when you have problems with the unit, the synchronization of immobilizer with DDE may not be enough, while the synch of CAS-DME units will be needed.

Synchronization of CAS-DME (DDE) and EWS-DME (DDE) Units in Kyiv

Smart Key is the company that synchronizes all existing types of immobilizers. In particular, we synch immobilizers with electronic control unit: CAS-DME (DDE), EWS-DME (DDE). We also provide other services that resume proper operation of car units.

Synchronization of the Engine Control Unit and the Immobilizer Unit

To synchronize the engine control unit with the immobilizer unit without possible problems and complications, the client should leave the car at our center. However, our specialist is ready to come to your place with the necessary equipment and do the work on the spot (if necessary). It is due to the fact that it is not always possible to completely and accurately eliminate the problem without a car.

If the key is out of sync with the immobilizer (either it is lost or damaged), you can remove only the EWS block. Smart Key professionals will use it to resume the normal functioning of the key. However, if you need to synchronize the engine control unit and immobilizer, you have to bring both as it may be impossible to complete the task without one of the parts.

How to Integrate New Key in an Immobiliser: Synchronization of Car Units

How is it possible to integrate new keys in an immobilizer? We have all the equipment necessary for the synchronization of CAS-DME units. You should not worry about the quality of the provided services as they are carried out by experienced professionals.

Work completion time depends on the workload of the company. Its approximate time will be known right after you come to Smart Key, while more accurate information is available only after the vehicle check.

If the units of your car require synchronization, don't waste your time, but rather address our specialists. Call us (+380930131415) or come to the office (Kyiv, Vladimir Mayakovsky, 15) to get the answers to your questions. Get the assistance of specialists and enjoy the excellent functioning of your vehicle again!