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Emergency Management of Car Locks. Safe Opening of a Car Door Without a Key in Kyiv

01Smartkey offers an optimal solution to such a problem as emergency management of car locks. The service is available in Kyiv and the region, with specialists coming to your place. When your car door is locked and cannot be opened (even with the key), the main challenge is not to aggravate the situation. The first instinctual desire is to compromise the car lock without the key. However, if you have already given it a try and failed to open the car without damage, contact us and get the necessary help.

Our specialty is emergency management of car locks with no damage and key cutting in Kyiv.

We can safely open the door of your vehicle without a key.

Emergency Car Lock Opening Service

Common situations when the management of car locks is required:

  • The activation of the central lock. People frequently address the emergency car locks opening service when the keys are in the cabin/trunk of the vehicle while all the locks are closed. In this case, you can either ask for the delivery of a spare set of keys or call the specialist to help unlock the door without it.
  • Battery discharge. In up-to-date vehicles, the discharge of the battery leads to an inability to open the car using the buttons of the central lock. Besides, if the door lock was not serviced for a while and turned sour, or if it was broken and cannot be mechanically cranked, you need to order an emergency unlocking service and open the vehicle safely, without any damage.
  • Mechanical damage of the locks. There are two main reasons for such a problem: somebody was trying to break into the car or the car lock has been broken and not fixed in time. Anyway, our emergency car lock opening service will help you rapidly and safely access your vehicle without any damage.
  • Loss of car keys. It is the most unpleasant situation, not hopeless, though. Let us take a closer look at it.

Loss of Car Keys and Emergency Lock Opening in Kyiv

Our specialists have all the necessary tools, machines, and equipment, as well as a full set of blanks, so choosing a key will not be a problem. They will come directly to the specified place and help you with the following issues:

  1. Emergency opening of the vehicle with an electronic key (with a chip);
  2. Removing car locks;
  3. Programming of the electronic key;
  4. Cutting a suitable car key;
  5. Recoding of the key;
  6. Installation of car locks.

How Much Does It Cost to Pick the Car Lock?

Production of a smart key, electronic key (with a chip), and flip key for your car is our specialty. We also offer an extra option of car opening if it is needed. Our professionals will come to your place and do it as a part of the service.

At the same time, the whole set of services will save not only your money but also time. Therefore, if you need to open your car lock in Kyiv emergently, you can always have SmartKey specialist by your side.