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Auto Key Cutting in Kyiv

01Are you looking for a trusted and reliable Kyiv-based company to order a new auto key? Contact our Smart Key service to get what you need.

First of all, we tackle tasks of different complexity, so the make of your car does not matter.

Secondly, we guarantee quality car key production in Kyiv in the shortest while as we value our customers and realize their desire to solve the problem as fast as possible.

Finally, the most important peculiarity of our services is that auto keys cutting is performed at competitive rates, which are 30-50% lower than at the dealer’s. Therefore, the customer receives a quick solution to his/her problem at a reasonable cost.

Stages of Car Key Cutting

There are three main stages of auto key cutting, including the following:

  1. Diagnostics. Each make of the car is unique, so it is characterized by the keys of a certain configuration. Diagnostics help our specialists to find out specifications and detect nuances related to your vehicle to use it further.
  2. Key cutting. At this stage, our professionals cut a mechanic blade, used for turning the ignition lock. Then, a suitable chip is inserted.
  3. Programming of the car key. This stage is the most important. It is necessary to program the key for the car to recognize it. We use professional equipment to guarantee efficient and flawless functioning of the key.

Overall, this is the way we produce new and copy keys in Kyiv. In exceptional cases, there is the fourth stage, which presupposes the programming of the central key buttons. It is applicable only to the keys that are equipped with them. Programming of the central key buttons is performed using special requisites.

Types of Car Keys

02There are several types of car keys, each one of them having certain features and specifications. Therefore, it is inevitable to find out the exact type of the key you have, before ordering a new one in Kyiv.

6 Subsorts of Car Keys:

  1. Ordinary. Usual keys with blades are common for old cars of 1998. The theft protection system is ensured by a mechanical lock. No other functions are provided. The manufacturing of such keys is easy and, therefore, they are cheap.
  2. With a chip. They are known as car keys of the second generation. Most commonly, they are called chip keys or keys with a transponder. They are typical of cars manufactured in 1998-2000. The immobilizer functions as an anti-theft system, which reads the chip and starts the engine, if everything works correctly. If the chip is damaged or there are any other problems, you will fail to start the car. The chip is programmed to fit a specific car and is suitable for it only. Therefore, if you lose your keys, it will not be that simple to get a new set. Programming of the chip is an obligatory stage of the car key production; otherwise, the vehicle will not be able to recognize a new key.
  3. With a laser notch. Initially, this sort of key was typical for BMW and Jaguar cars manufactured in 2000. Later, the technology has been used by Honda, Lexus, Toyota, etc. Professional equipment is used to produce high-quality keys of this type.
  4. With a central key control button. This subsort of keys is equipped with a radio frequency module, which is used to send a coded signal that opens and locks the door. Originally, such keys had a fixed code, which was later changed to a dynamic one (as it increases the level of security and protection).
  5. With a chip and central key control buttons. Such keys are complete with a chip, programmed to the car immobilizer, as well as a radio frequency module that is used to open the door. The configuration of the key may differ, depending on the manufacturer. In some cases, the chip and the module may function autonomously, while in others, the chip is built on the board.
  6. Smart. It is the last generation of keys, which provide vehicle owners with maximum comfort. The main peculiarity of such keys is the ability to open the doors and start the engine without a key, using a special keyfob. However, if it gets broken, you can use a simple mechanic key with a chip (which is inside the keyfob) both to open the door and start the car. It is a specific process, which is worth a hefty sum.

Benefits of Collaboration with Smart Key

Contact us if you need professional assistance with car key cutting in Kyiv! Our experienced masters provide excellent services, irrespective of the car make and complexity of the required task.

03The main advantages of cooperation with Smart Key include:

  • Quality. We use professional equipment only. Our specialists supervise all the stages of the process. The preliminary treatment of the vehicle helps to eliminate the risk of any force majeure.
  • Efficiency. We provide services within the stipulated timescale. We are always ready to offer emergency services and cut a new set of keys just in a couple of hours.
  • Flexibility. We understand that it may be complicated to come to our Center if you broke or lost your car key, so just make a call and our specialist will come and deal with the problem right on the spot. Sometimes, rebooting of the lock or changing of the auto key password may be enough.
  • Affordability. We offer our services at competitive rates in Kyiv so they are affordable for everyone.
  • Free consultation. If you have any questions, you are free to contact our manager and get answers about the cost of the flip key, for example, or the terms of its production.

You can use one of the possible ways to get a new or copy key produced in Kyiv. Fill an order form on the website or make a phone call, so you don’t even have to drive to our Center. Just wait for our manager to contact you to confirm the order and expect your keys to be cut within a specified term.