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  • Official service is a 100% quality guarantee. Are you sure? Read this ...

Official service is a 100% quality guarantee. Are you sure? Read this ...


Official service is a 100% quality guarantee. Are you sure? Read this ...

All of us have faced the problem of choosing the right repair specialist for work that we cannot do ourselves. We are sure many made mistakes, which then had to be fixed.
In this article, we describe the situation that once happened to Smartkey.
A car delivered from abroad simply stopped starting up at a service station of an authorized dealer. Sounds surprising?Not at all, if you look at the situation in greater detail. And we had to do it. As it turned out, the car was “slightly improved” before it was sold. And the improvements affected almost all components and blocks of the car. The sellers bought a “broken” car at the auction and restored it. But they restored the car exclusively for sale. For example, airbag sensors were disabled, emulators were installed to bypass the lock in ECUs. Some block settings were cross-flashed, some were disabled. The main thing was that visually the buyer received a “cupcake” and everyone seemed to be satisfied. When the car began to give out errors related to the particulate filter, the car owner who was still glad he had bought the car decided to contact the service station of an authorized dealer in his regional center. “After all, it’s a fuel issue and it had to be fixed efficiently,” thought the owner of the car. The idea was correct, but the realization turned out to be quite unfortunate. The “repair specialist” at the service station connected the original diagnostic equipment and saw that something was wrong with the car and the system generated a lot of errors and unnecessary fixes. Not realizing the importance, he started “correcting and deleting errors”, as he explained to the customer as a result. All this led to the fact that the car was blocked on an electronic level. An experienced repair specialist would be on the alert even during the first diagnostics because the system generated signals showing problems. Unfortunately, mere sloppiness and ignorance of diagnostic programs led to enormous problems. And an attempt to quietly fix everything only aggravated them. Help from Kyiv and the original chip tuning finished off the whole thing (as it turned out later, some blocks from another car were installed, and the settings in the native ones were simply erased).  

Now car sales in the salons have fallen markedly. Service prices are 2-3 times higher than the market prices. All this leads to an outflow of customers in favor of private service stations. Accordingly, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep experienced repairmen in official dealer centers. And those disaster specialists who stayed just gain experience trying to fix your cars.

The client was tormented with deadlines for a long time while the car stayed at the service station for about a month. As a result, using forums, that disaster specialist found our Auto Electronics Center, told us the whole problem, paid to tow the car to Kyiv at his own expense. What we saw just shocked us. You be the judge…


We will use every effort and knowledge to fix the situation. In the end, this is a test of our capabilities. But it will take several weeks to fix it.
We are not here to judge the characters of this story. Perhaps this will just be a lesson for them. And here’s a piece of advice for you - learn from other people’s mistakes. It’s up to you, fellow motorists, to make conclusions.
And in case of problems, contact the professionals of Smartkey Center. We will not take up what we do not know how to tackle. And if we are already on it, we will solve the problem!


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